Bring the Excitement of Television Game Shows to The Casino Floor!

Imaging offering 50,000, 150,000 or 1 million pesos or more with a game show just like on television. Hollywood Promociones can help you design a game show to match your theme. Or we can bring you concepts and ideas for a theme to match a special event, holiday — anything.  We can also design the promotion to fit your budget.

How Casino Game Shows Work

First you determine your budget. There are two aspects to the cost. The create of the prize board and the prize coverage. The design of your game show can be low-cost — with a simple design on a single board. You can even design and construct the prize board in house if you have the resources. Or the game can be an elaborate set design like you would see on TV.

Regarding the prize coverage, the factors determining the cost include the prize amount (e.g. grand prize of one million pesos), the number of participants and the odds of winning. The odds of winning is determined by the game play. Hollywood Promociones can design the game play to work with your budget and promotion objectives.

Game Show Promotions Portfolio